Simply Money Support St Elizabeth Hospice

We are proud to be supporters of St Elizabeth Hospice and have been recognised with a Gold Membership Award for our fundraising work.

About the Award

The Hospice rely on the generosity of local businesses to help raise some of the £6.6million needed each year to provide Hospice services throughout Suffolk free of charge.

There are four different levels of membership:

£1,000 – Bronze Pillar – by becoming a Bronze Pillar your business will help pay for a Hospice Nurse for a whole week.

£5,000 – Silver Pillar – by becoming a Silver Pillar your business will fund the equivalent of a nurse for five weeks.

£10,000+ – Gold Pillar – by becoming a Gold Pillar your business could help pay for a bed on the In-patient Unit for three weeks.

£50,000+ – Platinum Pillar – by becoming a Platinum Pillar your business will help pay for a Hospice at Home nurse for a year.

Businesses can choose what sort of support they give the Hospice to reach these targets. Suggestions include:

Sponsoring a Hospice event
Staff fundraising
A one-off corporate donation
Affinity fundraising – where businesses can choose to give a percentage of a product or service’s sales to charity
Pro bono work – offering services to us for free.

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